My work combines candid and semi-posed photography with printmaking to build images that trace the paths of my childhood imagination. Through color, layers, and transforming the bodies of my models into cosmic cats and giant brew master hares, I rediscover a sense of play left behind in the many late nights spent in the company of The Next Generation crew and adventure fantasy novels. 

As I sit in conversation with my inner child through my ongoing series “The Adventures of the Catstronauts and Their Intergalactic Neighbors”, I am also reaching out to meet and understand the woman I am becoming through self-portraiture studies. This balance of play and introspection drives my curiosity, fueling my work as I keep one eye on the stars and one foot firmly rooted in reality.

I am a printmaker and collage artist living and working in Richmond, VA with my trusty studio cat and fiancé. I teach printmaking and 2D Design & Color Theory at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA.