In sharing the elements that attract my attention, I elevate the value of the ordinary. Using paper, I translate my constant fascination with exploring the details of the world I experience daily. Through printmaking, analog print collage, and watercolor sketching, I compose layers of small elements to magnify the beauty of the whole. My work is heavily rooted in a deep love of nature, compelled by the desire to share my joy of discovery with the viewer.

At a young age, I began cultivating a practice of searching for details as my eyesight worsened. With each new detail sliding into focus, I edit the structure of the object in view, honing the shape to convey its complexity. I choose to hand cut and meticulously layer thin layers of monotypes with intaglio or relief prints to build opacity, depth, and texture. My intention is never to perfectly replicate each detail, rather, it is to draw attention to the elements that make the whole beautiful to me.

Each piece serves as the beginning of a dialogue of awareness. There is a richness in viewing something we believe we already know through another’s lens. To empathize with the overlooked or unseen is to recognize the intrinsic value of not only our surroundings but the planet as a whole. When we regain the joy of discovery in what is right before us, it opens us to further curiosity about what is happening in places we may not have previously cared about. I want my work to not only deepen my audience’s appreciation of the small things before their eyes, but also ignite a desire to honor this planet that cradles us.